THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD            Hos 11:1-4, 8-9.

The book of Hosea has some wonderful verses of scripture that speak of the tenderness and loving kindness of God. God is that Loving Father who protects and cares for his people. Like the Father who watches the very first steps of his child, or hears the very fist words that come from the lips of the infant, God rejoices and delights in his children. God is Love and always loves. He loves to love and cannot but love. He is the “love-sick” Father. God is the Father who awaits the prodigal son/daughter to return. God is the Father who seeks the lost and strayed

God could have easily have given up on the chosen people of Israel. The more God calls out to them the more they scattered. The more God loved, the more they rebelled. The more God blessed the more they rejected his goodness. Why not give up? Give into fierce anger? Why not destroy them with his wrath? Why? God says through he prophet Hosea that HE is God and not man. Man gives into his anger, man punishes, and man is conditional in his love and mercy. Not God, his love is unconditional and eternal. Rather, the “heart” of God is stirred to respond to act, to save, to redeem. Overwhelmed in heart and moved with pity God loves.

Have you ever held an infant to your cheek? Have there been times when you have poured your affection upon your loved ones? Have there been timed when you stooped down to embrace and heal the wounds of the one who fell and was injured? What parent is moved within, stirred in the heart to respond to the needs of the child. That is the love that moves God. God is like that parent who feeds, nourishes, protects and nurtures the child. I am reminded of the touching scene in the Passion of the Christ where in his journey to Calvary Jesus falls and his mother standing nearby has that flashback of Jesus falling on the ground. His mother runs in the event of his fall. See what haste his mother made to comfort her son. Any parent will understand this. God is our Father as such who runs to meet us in our needs, who in fact anticipates our every need

Do I recognize God as Father? Have I accepted his love as Father. Do I acknowledge God as Father who is concerned with every part of my life? God wants to be part of my life, not aloof or distant, but comforts us with the knowledge of his love. We find our identity and security in God as Father

God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I acknowledge you as my Father. I honor you and praise you that I am your own. Father, I want you to hold me in your arms of love, heal me from my fears as I place my trust in you. Amen