The promise of Jesus at the end of today’s Gospel Reading is not a blank cheque for anything that we might happen to desire.There is a context in which the promise is made that clearly indicates to us that the person asking blessings of the Father is a disciple whose aim is to proclaim the Kingdom of God. This effectively limits the promise to those things that we need for our faith walk with Jesus.


That’s a bit of a pity, I hear you comment under your breath. Well, yes and no. It is ridiculous to think that God is going to give everyone everything they want without any basis for it. It makes a lot of sense that he would give all that is needed for the proclamation of the Gospel as that is his stated aim all through the Scriptures and at the heart of every revelation through the lives of the saints since. I think what Jesus is really saying is that those who seek to serve the Kingdom will not find God wanting in providing the means to do exactly that.


The saints know that this is true – it is one of the secrets of their success. They simply trust that when they are acting upon the will of God that God will provide for al that is needed to accomplish it. It takes a lot of courage to step out and launch a new initiative in the Church that needs much funding – a person can look like a fool if that funding does not materialise. However, we cannot sit around and do nothing for fear of looking like a fool if the funding does not come.


Let us follow the path of discipleship without concern for how we look in the eyes of others as that will only hinder our being obedient to god. Let us always seek to put the mission and ministry of the Gospel first so that all may come to know the gift of salvation in their lives.


Holy Spirit, you have been sent to inspire us to surrender all to the service of the Gospel and a life of faith. Help me to let go of my need to look good in fornt of others and so put Christ in first place in my life.