It sometimes seems unfair to me that there were a few human beings who actually got to meet Jesus in the flesh and walk with Him and talk with Him. Ultimately this is a silly sort of feeling because it is not going to change anything and how could it have been done to avoid this reality in the first place?

The fact is Jesus was sent by the Father to redeem us all. This meant He took on human form at some stage in human history and through the Incarnation transformed human existence and opened it up to the reality of new and eternal life. This is what our focus should be – the gift Jesus comes to offer us. It is not a matter of complaining about the fairness or otherwise of the fact that Jesus was born when He was born, but in going one step deeper and realising that His birth was not just for the people of His time or even those who had the opportunity to get to know Him, but for all people of all time in order to redeem us.

The apostles received an extraordinary grace to have been formed for their mission by Jesus in person. However, I think this also gives them a greater responsibility in comparison with those who are not given such an opportunity. Whatever our situation there is no point in wishing it were different because this is not going to change anything! What we ought to be doing is getting on with the business of being obedient to God’s call and leave the worry about what is fair or not to God.

Jesus will never ask us to do anything that He does not provide the requisite grace for us to accomplish. Now that is eminently fair. We could not ask for anything better than this! The apostles were given the responsibility to establish the Church and this is what they did. We are called to continue the mission of the Church and I hope this is what we will direct our energies towards doing.

Do I tend to complain to God about my situation or do I get on with the business of living my life for Him?

Lord Jesus, help me to focus my life towards the promise of eternal life as this ultimate end is the same for all people who entrust their lives to your love.