Sir 15: 15-20 We are told that we all have the power of choice. It is up to us what we prioritize in our lives, both the good and the bad. The challenge we all face is to grow in holiness, that is, maximizing the good and minimizing the bad. This requires perseverance as it is never easy to grow in holiness. In fact, there will be times when it is very difficult to remain faithful to the truth.

 Jesus, help me to be committed to the truth at all times and not just when it is easy and convenient.

 1 Cor 2: 6-10 The challenge for any preacher is to be able to reach his/her listeners and be able to explain, at least a little bit, the mysteries of the faith. Being mysteries, many of the aspects of our faith refuse to be fully explicable, but we should do the best we can. There are also many others aspects of our faith that can be explained well and these should be attended to diligently. Let us pray that our leaders are studious enough o continue their formations as they lead using the ways of faith.

 Jesus, you proclaimed a Gospel of love and forgiveness. Help the ministers of the today to be faithful in following your example.

 Mt 5: 17-37 Jesus is fully aware that the Gospel he proclaims is rooted in the Jewish faith of her fathers. He is not setting up a totally new and independent faith with the Gospel. Actually, the best case scenario for Jesus is that the Jews welcome him with open arms and there is no disconnect between the past and his Gospel message. This does not happen and so Christianity comes into being.

 Jesus, help me to always be aware that my faith is not an isolated reality but is joined to and built upon the faith of people that dates back nearly 4000 years.