Jas 5: 1-6 Wealth is not inherently bad; it is simply inherently dangerous. It is a source of temptation to self-sufficiency and a possible distraction to our seeing and doing the work that God has for us. We all know how material pursuits can become consuming of our time and efforts. We are all aware how easy it is to neglect our faith and find our time consumed by the ways and things of the world. This is a greater danger the more wealth we have.

 Jesus, help me to be satisfied with enough. That is, I pray that I will not become seduced by the pleasures of the world but always seek my satisfaction within the context of your will for my life.

 Mk 9: 41-50 Jesus warns us about the example we give to others. This becomes even more so when those who may be influenced by our actions are children. Jesus tells us to be sure that the example we give is one that is truly worthy of the name, ‘Christian.’ We will be held responsible for the bad example we give others. We need to be aware that this is so in order that we do our best to ensure that we live holy and righteous lives that will not be stumbling blocks for others.

 Jesus, help me to remain faithful to you at all times. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on the prize of eternal life and not the attractions of this world.