Is 35:1-6.10     One of the prophets main roles was to bring hope to a people that were often in desperate straits. They were often under the rule of foreign powers or if not yet at that stage, fighting a losing battle against them. The glory of the days of the kingdom under David and Solomon are long and fading memories. They cannot live in the past forever. They need something to look forward to that will inspire them to persevere with their faith in the Lord. Thus today’s and many other prophecies of hope are relayed to the people from God, by the prophets.

Jesus, help me to listen to the modern day prophets you send to your people. May the truth they speak enlighten my heart and inspire me to act according to your word and the Gospel.

Jas 5:7-10        Perseverance is one of the key virtues of a disciple of Jesus. Without I, we can say goodbye to the call of holiness. Jesus knows this and that is one of the reasons He sent us the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is given to us to strengthen us in our hope and trust in the promises of God. It is through this undying hope in God’s promises that we are able to endure all that sin can throw against us. This is our life as Christians: persevering to the end with the sure knowledge that God will vindicate our faith and fulfil His promises in our lives.

Jesus, you teach us the ways of God and inspire us by your life to trust in His word in all things. Grant me the grace to follow your example of faith and holiness.

Mt 11:2-11      Jesus tells the disciples of John to open their eyes and look around them and they will see that the prophecies of old are being fulfilled. This will conform His, Jesus, identity as the promised Messiah. Jesus then confirms to the men the holiness of John and the important place he holds in the work of the Messiah. This would have been very encouraging to them and would also have sown the seed of conversion that will be ignited when John tells them to switch their allegiance to Jesus over him.

Father, help me to see that the work I do for your Kingdom is not for my glory but your own. Help me to follow the example of John the Baptist’s humility in the way that I live my life.