One of the undeniable signs that often accompany sin is the desperation associated with trying to cover its tracks. We see a type of this desperation in today’s Gospel where the Pharisees are ‘clutching at straws’ so to speak, to try and justify the arrest and ultimate condemnation of Jesus and His ministry. It is absolutely ridiculous to believe that there is any reason why a prophet or significant person cannot come out of Galilee! If they knew their Jewish history well, and I am sure that they did, they would have known that their God is the God of the unexpected. He has often used unusual and unconventional means to carry out His will. The Pharisees are truly desperate to silence Jesus.


Just as the Pharisees tried to silence Jesus, so do we try all sorts of desperate measures to silence the effects of our sins! There are two simply and very valid ways of doing this. The first is to avoid the occasion of sin and thus not have any effects to worry about! The second is to repent of our sins and ask God’s and the relevant person’s forgiveness for the wrongs that we may have done him or her. Failing these two remedies, any other course of action is ultimately doomed to failure!


There will come a time in each of our lives when we will be called to account for all our unrepented sin. This future day of judgment will fill us with fear only if we have anything to hide. If we remain repentant throughout our lives, and consistently attend to the state of our souls by going regularly to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we will have nothing to fear! In this way the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit to bring about conversion in our lives will be properly facilitated and we will be fully prepared for judgment when that time comes.


We are so often our own worst enemies! There is nothing to fear in approaching God with our sinfulness because we can be 100% sure that e has already forgiven us! Any remedy given to us by God in prayer or by the priest in the Sacrament, is designed to bring about healing and a stronger relationship with God! God is not interested in punishing us for punishment’s sake! He only wants us to learn how to receive more of His love and to share that love with those around us! What is there to fear in that?


How often do I cleanse my souls of sin in order to draw closer to God?


Lord Jesus, help me to entrust my life to you more deeply and not to fear approaching you because your only desire is to love me.