Acts 6: 8-15 Stephen is a man inspired by the Holy Spirit. I doubt whether I would have had the courage to speak out given his circumstances. Some might say that Stephen lacked common sense; others will say that he was courageous. I believe that he was simply inspired by the truth of the Gospel and unwilling to compromise at all about its message. This is the sort of conviction we are going to need today if we are to be true to the mandate of bringing the Gospel to all men and women.

Jesus, grant me the grace to be single-minded in the service of the Gospel. Help me to avoid all compromise of your truth as I seek to be your disciple.

Jn 6: 22-29 Jesus walks on water. First he multiplies food and then he defies the laws of gravity! There is something very special about Jesus. It is important for us to recognize that he is more than merely human – he is also Son of God! It is in his divinity that he is capable of redeeming us; in his humanity he is able to identify with us to the degree that the redemption he offers is accessible to us, Nothing happens by chance in the Scriptures, Each word and story has a purpose in revealing to us the truth of our redemption.

Holy Spirit, help me to come to know Jesus better each day. Lead me in the path of truth so that I will never fall prey to the doubts in my mind ever again.