The people of the city seem to be united in their desire that Jesus leave their place. I wonder why they are reluctant to have Jesus stay with them? after all He has just demonstrated tremendous power and authority in freeing the Gadarene demoniac from his bondage to the devil. It would seem logical to me that they would want Him to stay so that they will be able to learn more about who He is and what He might have to share with them. Or perhaps Jesus is too holy for them? Perhaps His presence in their midst is too challenging to their present way of life? Perhaps they have grown used to the sin that is in their lives and they are afraid that Jesus is going to call them to conversion? We might never know what went on in the hearts and the minds of these people; however, we have full responsibility for and control over what goes on in our own lives! It is here that we must now focus our attention!

I know the feeling in my own life where I put off talking to someone because I know that they are going to challenge something that I am doing and they have very good reason to do so as I am equally well aware that I should be addressing that area of my life for the very reason that they will challenge me – namely sin. When we begin to get comfortable with the presence of a particular sin in our lives and resist the call to repent, we can be sure that we are in trouble. This is when we have to get down on our knees and pray and beg the Lord to give us the grace to change. Any action short of this is compromise and thus unacceptable to the Lord.

We do not know why the people in today’s Gospel wanted Jesus to leave their city. All I know is that I hope and pray that I never find myself in the same position. To be a disciple of Jesus means being ready at all times to embrace the call of holiness and to deal with the sin in our lives without hesitation. Discipleship means being ready to welcome the Lord at any time into our lives and to be willing to listen to His will and go wherever He asks us to go.

Are there areas of my life I am trying to hide from God? He knows everything so it makes much more sense to try and run with His will for our lives.

Holy Spirit, help me to live in the light in all that I do. Help me to be an ‘open book’ before the Lord, seeking His help when I need it and trusting that wherever He leads is the right place for me to be.