A man walks past you one day and shouts out “Follow me”. You may not know who this man is or why he is calling; either way you only have a few seconds to respond. He is not going to stop and wait while you weigh up the situation. If you wait an hour, he will have already walked on and disappeared over the horizon. The call is urgent, the decision has to be decisive; questions can come later.

We can not be part time followers of Jesus. We can not hear the call and postpone our response for a more convenient time. He calls because he wants us to fall in behind him and follow wherever he leads us.

Have you given your life to Jesus?” This is the stereotypical statement that is associated with Protestant preachers or overzealous evangelists. Many Christians will either answer in the affirmative, or simply roll their eyes and look for the fastest exit before the conversation becomes awkward.

But what does that line actually mean? When it comes to handing over our life to the saviour, how much are we actually meant to give? Can I give him my life, but still keep control over my finances, or my social life, or my plan for that holiday in Spain next year?

We invite you to follow us on this blog as we try to break open this question. Hopefully the answer will be so disturbing that it will compel us to move.