There is a popular series of Children’s books called Where’s Wally. The whole idea is that you have a picture filled with people, and this is not just any ordinary scene, it is generally a picture of absolute chaos. It is full of mess, there are people fighting, spilling things, bumping into each other. And the whole idea is that somewhere in the middle of this chaos, there is a guy called Wally wearing a red and white stripped shirt looking very clam and peaceful. The trick is to be able to look beyond the chaos and find where Wally is in the midst of everything else.

Christianity is meant to be like a giant game of where’s Wally, only instead of looking for a guy in red and white stripes, we are looking for God. God is not sitting off in some pure hygienic heaven waiting for us to step away from reality to find him. He has come to us, into our mess so that we can find him here. When Jesus was born, he was born into a cattle shed – full of noise, and the stench of animals. If your family some times feels a bit like that, then you need to know that Christ is right there with you. You just have to be able to find him in that that place. When Jesus rises from the dead and appears to the disciples, they are scared, they are hiding out of fear, they are grieving and some of them are filled with doubt. But that is where they find him.

Some times we are so convinced that god has abandoned us, that we fail to see that he is standing right in front of us. But he is there. He is always there. We need to pray for the grace to see him in our midst and encounter him in every situation in our life.