It is sometimes said that people who really love their dogs can start to look like them. Whether this is universally true or not, there is something true in that we become what we behold. This can be true of our surrounding environment, but even more so of our internal environment. If I look at my life and only see the bad stuff (such as the rejection, the hurt, the pain and loneliness) then that will become my reality. If I spend all of my time looking about how I have been rejected in the past, then I will naturally start to expect that I will be rejected in the future. I will become what I behold.

Yet if I look at my history and see how God delights in me, how he loves me and provides for me at every moment, then this will naturally shape my life in a more positive way. I will begin to believe that I am lovable, that I am worthy of being accepted and respected.

This takes on another dimension when we look upon the heart of Jesus. There we see one who was rejected, yet replied with love; who was despised and treated badly, yet responded with gentleness and compassion. If I take time to meditate on the heart of Jesus, I will become what I behold. As Jesus said himself, “learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart”. Take time every day to look at the heart of Jesus and you might find that it becomes you.