There is an old saying that “Jesus is the answer….we are just not sure what the question was”. While it is amusing, this saying should also be slightly disturbing for us, particularly in our prayer. Most of our prayer is like reaching for an answer without knowing what the question is. We know that he can save us, but we are not sure what part of us needs saving.

If you have a wound on your arm, there is no point in rubbing medicine over your face. We believe that the medicine will kill the bacteria and bring quick healing, but it is completely useless unless it is applied to the wound. It would make even less sense to ask a doctor to heal you, while at the same time hiding your wound so that the doctor could see only the parts of your body that are perfect.

Sadly, this is what Christians do all the time when they pray. We have complete faith that Jesus can heal and transform our life. yet at the same time, we are blind to our own need for this grace. We ask for God to love us, but we hide our brokenness. We believe that God’s love can transform us, but we convince ourselves that we are already perfect and not in need of help. If we actually want to encounter the power of God in our life, we need to begin by being honest about our need for a saviour.