Scientists tell us that the centre of the earth is made up of molten rock floating around a solid core of metal. But no matter how much time you spend looking down at the ground, you can’t see it. We live on the surface of the earth, and we can only see the surface. However there is one place where you can see what lies within the depths: a volcano.

Now volcanoes are dangerous things, and when one erupts, the normal safe behaviour is to run away with your arms in the air while screaming. If you are about to be killed by molten lava, this is the prudent course of action. However, when the volcano is not erupting, scientists will climb inside the cone to study this geological beast so that they can understand the mysteries of the earth.

Strangely, this is a lot like the human soul. The bible tells us that the human spirit is an extremely complex mystery. No mater how much time I look at myself, I am unable to grasp the depths of this reality because I live on the surface of my life. The only way that I can discover what lies within is by finding a place where the hidden reality of my soul explodes onto the surface of my life. This place is something that we commonly call ‘sin’.

We commonly experience explosions in our life: anger, lust, bitterness, envy, greed, gluttony. When you find yourself tempted by these things, the prudent reaction is to run away from the moment, avoid the occasion of sin and preserve yourself and others from harm. However, we can later return to the site of the explosion and allow this spiritual volcano to reveal the unseen reality of our soul. Following Jesus is not just about asking forgiveness for sin, but examining our life to see what the sin and temptation reveals about our heart.

If God’s love is meant to heal us, we need to identify where the wounds are. So have the courage to look at the ugly parts of your life so that the medicine of God’s love can be applied to the right area.