One day you are driving how with your family. Suddenly your mother screams for you to stop the car. You skid to a sudden halt, just as she opens the door and runs frantically towards a street sign on the side of the road that points towards your home suburb. With cries of joy, she wraps her arms around the street sign and cries out, “I’m home, oh how wonderful it is to be home”.

It is probably safe to say this this is not normal behaviour in your family. It is obvious that while the street sign is clearly pointing in the right direction, it is not actually your home. Treating the sign as anything other than a useful navigational aid will simply raise questions about your sanity.

As crazy as it sounds, we do this every day of our life. God has created the world as a symbol of his love, to point us beyond the gift and lead us into an encounter with the giver of the gift. Yet every day, we grab hold of the beautiful things of the world and forget that they are actually pointing us to something better. We take hold of the gift and fail to notice that it is simply a symbol of love that points us to the fulfilment of all love.