Sea sickness comes as a result of conflicting messages being sent to your brain. As often happens while on the ocean, you see waves moving one direction, while feeling waves moving a different direction beneath you, and all the while you see the boat and the horizon moving in different directions again. The result is a feeling of nausea.

Perhaps there is a version of spiritual sea-sickness experienced by many Christians. Our spiritual life can be filled with conflicting experiences. We know the beauty of God’s love, we feel a strong sense of purpose and call in our life, yet at the same time we see the sorrow and injustice of the world, and we can feel a deep personal pain and burden within our souls. To make things worse, Christians are expected to look happy and joyful all of the time. The reality is that a lot of our effort can be spent suppressing this feeling of spiritual sea-sickness. Sadly some people become overwhelmed by this sense of confusion and abandon their faith.

Ultimately this is caused by the gap between ‘should’ and ‘is’. I can have all sorts of expectation about what my life ‘should’ be, and yet be very impatient with what my life ‘is’. Perhaps the answer to this ‘dis-ease’ might be to be a bit more compassionate with ourselves. Set your sights on the fact that Christ loves you as you are, not as you wish you could be. He is with you in your life as it is, not as you wish it was. By fixing your eyes on this horizon, this spiritual uneasiness might just pass.