If you have had an ‘experience’ of the Holy Spirit, have you ever stopped to ask why God has given that to you?

St Paul says that the Holy Spirit is “the pledge of our inheritance”. We could almost say that the gift of the spirit is like the deposit on heaven; a foretaste of eternity. It is a bit like the ice-cream shops that will give you a free taste so that you can decide which flavour to choose. Some people will come back day after day looking for another small taste but never commit to buying the ice-cream. Whereas the correct response is that we should be so captured by the taste that we will go home and sell our house so that we can buy the whole ice-cream shop.

When the Holy Spirit brings you into an ‘experience of God’, you are being given a taste of heaven. The intention is that you would be so hungry for more that you will make a decisive choice; leave behind all the other options in life and commit yourself to prayer until this becomes your normal state of being. Sadly many people are like the person who enjoys the free ice-cream sample without ever committing to buying the whole thing.