When two people embrace, a strange things happens. They are closer to each other than ever before, yet they can not see each other. They might see a bit of their shoulder or hair, but the face of the one they embrace is no longer visible. They can not longer rely on the gift of sight to assure them of the presence of the other; they now have to encounter the other person in a whole new way.

So often when people go though great suffering, they claim that God is absent. They pray and cry out to God, yet they can not see him anywhere. It is at these moments that we need to realise just how close God is. It is in the moments of suffering that God embraces us. We become blind to his presence, yet he is closer to us than ever before. It is in these moments that we need to rely upon faith alone. When you can not see God or feel God’s presence, pray for the grace to encounter him on the level of faith.