One of the most amazing things about love is that it demands an response. Imagine a young man who runs up to a beautiful young woman, he falls on his knees in front of her and presents her with a dozen roses. He doesn’t need to say anything. It is clear from this symbol that he is professing his love for her (unless he starts pointing to the price tag in which case he might be trying to sell them to her). But If we assume that this is a statement of love, the girl is now placed in an awkward position. She must a make a response, and in fact, any movement she makes at his point will be interpreted as being her response. Sadly, in the case of the love sick young man, anything short of a yes will probably be taken as being a rejection, so the young girl needs to think very carefully about what she says at this moment. This becomes a decisive moment which can not be put off for a more convenient time.

This is always the case with love. Love always demands a response from us. This is something we need to reflect on in our relationship with God. We know that the cross is God’s statement of love for us. But do you ever stop to think that perhaps Jesus is looking for you to give an answer, as though he is saying “this is how much I love you, how much I will give for you, will you love me back?”

Will you make a response or just leave him hanging?