Imagine that you were invited to a banquet with an infinite amount of food. Surely the best thing to bring with you would be an infinite hunger so that you could eat and enjoy the food for an infinite amount of time.

The question sounds strange, yet it is worth considering how often the bible speaks about food and hunger. At the beginning of the bible we see Moses and the Seventy elders eating with God on the Mountain (Exodus 24:11). At the end of the bible, in the book of revelations, heaven is described as being a great wedding banquet( Rev 19:9). In between these two verses we have Jesus calling all who are hungry or thirsty to follow him so that they may be filled (Jn 7:37); we see the prodigal son returning home because he is hungry (Lk 15:16); we see the poor and hungry  man Lazarus rejoicing in heaven while the rich man is left outside because he had spent his life being filled with good things (Lk 16:25); Jesus says that the hungry are blessed for they shall be filled (Lk 6:21). In the midst of so many statements about hunger and food, Jesus tells us to store up treasure for ourselves in heaven (Lk12:33).

The bible makes no definite statements about what this heavenly treasure is meant to look like. But it would make sense that if God is Love, and heaven is an eternal feast of Love, then the one thing that would be useful in heaven is an infinite desire, or hunger for Love. In our life here on earth we are called to continually empty ourselves, giving to those in need physically, spiritually and emotionally. This constant giving creates a hunger and desire that prepares us for the eternal banquet of love in heaven. Never allow your hunger to distract you from your ultimate Goal, because it might just be your reward.