“We, as the Church, accompany Our Lady in this path of waiting,” the Pope said. “The Lord comes two times: that which we commemorate now, the physical birth and when he comes to conclude history.” However, he noted, there is a third coming of the Lord: that which occurs every day.”

“The Lord visits His Church every day!” the Pope exclaimed. “He visits each one of us and our souls enters into this similarity: our soul resembles the Church, our soul resembles Mary. The fathers of the desert say that Mary, the Church, and our souls are feminine and that which is said of one, can similarly said about the other. Our soul is also waiting, in this waiting for the coming of the Lord, an open soul that cries: ‘Come, Lord!’”

“For this the Church invites us to pray this “Come!”, to open our soul and that our soul be, in these days, vigilant in waiting. To keep watch! What happens in us if the Lord comes or if he doesn’t come? If there is a place for the Lord or if there is a place for parties, for shopping, for making noise…Is our soul open like the Holy Mother Church and how Our Lady was open? Or is our soul closed and we have attached a sign on the door, very courteous, that says: ‘Do not disturb!’”

– Extract of the Pope’s homily 32rd December 2013