“Love your neighbour as yourself”. Every Christian knows this command given by Jesus. Yet sadly it is so rare to find a Christian who actually lives by this principle. We have such high ideals of how other people should treat us (particularly during a time of conflict) yet we never bother to live by these same standards when we relate to other people.

This should lead us to take a deeper look at the original statement of Jesus. I can only love my neighbour if I love myself. If I am harsh on myself when I fail, or if I hate my weakness, then it is only natural that I will treat other people the same way. If I never take the time to really listen to what is happening inside my heart, how will I ever be able to listen to my brother or sister. The call to love our neighbour as ourself is firstly a call to check whether I really love myself. And by that we mean the real self, with all of my failures and weaknesses. If you stop treating yourself badly you might just find that you stop treating other people badly.