Human beings are created by words. In fact, the whole world was created by ‘the WORD’, as we read in the beginning of John’s Gospel (Jn 1:3). God spoke a word of Love and we came into being. Our beauty and strength is a reflection of the word spoken to us.

And here we find the danger. Jesus tells us to ‘be careful how you hear’ (Lk 8:18). If you listen to the word of Life, you will be created, whereas if you listen to the negative word, the word of discouragement, bitterness, resentment and criticism, then you will be destroyed. Every day we see the effect of words on our life. Some people find themselves permanently damaged by the words that have been spoken to them.

Yet in this Jesus gives us the key to our healing. Pay attention to how you hear. These words may have been spoken to you decades ago, yet they are still playing around inside your head as thought they were spoken yesterday. Jesus calls us to make an active decision to stop listening to the word of destruction and choose to listen to, and believe, the word of life.