Human beings have an amazing ability to think about the things that they love. Whether it is food, football or fantasizing about love, we are able to think about them no matter how busy we are. You could be doing five things at once and still have space in your brain to think about what you are going to eat for lunch.

This is particularly the case when someone is in love. No matter how busy they are or how many tasks they are juggling at one time, they are still able to think about the person they love. This is meditation at work. In fact we would have to say that human beings are naturally contemplative; the only problem is that we are normally contemplating the wrong things.

Yet at the same time, most Christians say that they struggle to find time to pray. We are able to dream about food while we work, but we are unable to think about how God loves us. Jesus says in the bible that “where your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Lk 12:34). It is the most natural thing to think about the things that we love: we should be questioning why it is easier to delight in these things rather than in the love that God has for us.  Prayer is not a matter of trying hard to be ‘spiritual’. It is simply a matter of choosing to delight in the fact that God delights in you. So the next time you find yourself day-dreaming, make a conscious choice to turn your attention to God. You are already a master of contemplation, you just have to make a choice about where your treasure lies.