Since the 1970’s we have been sold this idea of ‘free love’. You can have all the pleasure of love without the burden of commitment. GK Chesterton makes very clear that the term ‘free love’ is the ultimate contradiction, “as if a lover ever had been, or ever could be, free. It is the nature of love to bind itself”.

Most Christians would argue against the idea of ‘free love’ in human relationships, yet we so often persist in holding a similar idea in regards to our faith. Somehow we believe that it is possible to love Jesus and still be free to do whatever we desire. This version of ‘free love Christianity’ says that we can call ourselves followers of Christ, yet be in complete control of when and how we follow him. We want to have the pleasure and benefit of heaven, without the unfortunate consequence of having to surrender our will to him as well. As Chesterton would say, “Let us have the fragrance of sacred purity without the sorrows of self-restraint…Let us have the splendour of offering ourselves without the peril of committing ourselves”. If we truly want to take up the call to follow Jesus, we need to remember that it is the nature of love to bind itself. Have the courage and the boldness to bind your life to the one who loved you unto death.