The scriptures tell us that it took forty years for the Israelites to journey from Egypt to the promised land. Google maps suggests that you can walk this distance in about 160 hours.

The reason that it took so long was because the Israelites were not walking. They became stuck in the desert for thirty eight years purely because they couldn’t bring themselves to leave behind the good things of Egypt. They could remember all of the good food that they used to have in Egypt, and they couldn’t trust that God was going to provide something better in the promised land. And so they pitched their tents didn’t move beyond the desert.

This has always been an image of the Christian journey. We have been set free from sin through the waters of baptism. Yet whenever the journey becomes difficult, we are tempted to look back at the life we used to live and doubt the promise that God has made to us. Many Christians end up in a place where they are not growing in faith or journeying closer to Jesus because they are stuck in the desert of doubt and temptation.

If you don’t feel like you are moving anywhere in your Christian journey, spend some time reflecting on the faithfulness of God and the promises that he has made to us in the Scriptures. Then pack up your tent and start walking.