Jesus tells us in the bible, that “no one can enter into the kingdom of heaven unless they becomes like a little child” (Mt 18:8). This should concern us slightly because the God who loves us unconditionally is setting a condition on entry into heaven.

If we look at this in the context of the whole bible, we would have to to say that the key quality that Jesus is asking for is dependence. He has come to reveal to us that we have a heavenly Father who loves and cares for us; our side of the bargain is that we need to allow ourselves to be loved and cared for. Unfortunately this is harder than it seems. From the time that a child can think for themselves, they want to become an adult. They want to be autonomous and independent. Something within us fights and screams when we are made to feel helpless or dependent on others. We will do everything in our power to stay in control.

Yet this is the very quality that Jesus is asking for; let go of control and let the Father provide for you, let yourself be loved. Ultimately this ‘letting go’ will happen when we die. At that point we will have to leave behind everything that supports us and fall into the arms of God. But we can begin to prepare ourselves for that moment now. In fact, Jesus suggests that as we surrender control and trust in the father, we will begin to experience the glory of heaven here on earth. The love of the father is your eternal inheritance, so don’t allow the desire for control to rob you of this grace.