The call to the follow Jesus is ultimately a call to be transformed into the very likeness of God: Love. The old law was able to place restrictions on us that changed our behaviour, but it couldn’t change our hearts. It might stop me from sinning, but it can’t stop me from wanting to sin.

This is where the message of grace is so revolutionary. The death and resurrection of Jesus frees me from my sin. But it is more than that. When we meditate on the love that has been shown through this saving action, we lose the desire to sin. Sin ultimately comes from a hunger for love and so we fall upon creation in a desperate attempt to fill this hunger. Jesus gives us the ultimate remedy for sin by revealing to us a love that is greater than anything we can comprehend. The more we reflect on this truth and allow the grace to soak into our hearts, we will be transformed into the very likeness of the thing that we are looking at: Love.

The fullness of this transformation will only take place if we are taking time every day to meditate on how God loves us