In the Beatitudes, Jesus says “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. He is calling us to a new way of seeing the created world around us. We have a choice of seeing things ‘pre-fall’, or ‘post-fall’. Before the fall, Adam and Eve looked at the world as a gift that pointed them to God. When they looked at the world, they saw the love of God shining through in the ordinary things that surrounded them. After the fall, they could only see the world in a functional way. They looked at the world and only saw how it could be useful for them or bring them pleasure.

The call to be ‘pure in heart’ is really a call to see God present in everything, and in everyone. We are called to look beyond the surface and see the mystery within. Jesus calls us to see every created thing as a sacrament of the love and beauty of God, and then encounter this love by worshipping and thanking him for the gift.