Acts 8: 1b-8 Persecution was part of the way of life of the Early Church. I think they were surprised when there wasn’t any persecution happening. This just goes to show the robustness of the Gospel truths in that they were able to endure such persecution. In fact, persecution can be seen to make the faith stronger. It is in times of persecution that you find out who your real friends are – those who are committed to a common cause no matter what the consequences of such a commitment may be!

Jesus, many of the Early Christians were martyred. Their blood, along with yours, became the foundation stones of the Church. Help me to build upon this foundation with faith and trust in you.

Jn 6: 35-40 Jesus’ love for us is not selective – he loves all people and redeems all people. The Jews had an exclusivist understanding of the blessings of God. Only rarely were non-Jews considered to be blessed by God. The Christian Gospel does not make distinctions like this. We believe that the good News of Salvation is for everyone and that it is our duty to share it with them. Let us all seek to do everything in our power to see that the Gospel is proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

Father, your love is unlimited and never exclusive. Help me to be as open in my care for others as you are. Help me to share all I have received from you with all whom I meet, holding nothing back.