Blood is a very important aspect in our understanding of the covenant that God has made with His people. In the Old Testament it was the blood of animals that was offered as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. A part of this understanding is that the blood of an animal belonged to God as it was seen to contain the life essence of the animal. Thus the Jews were forbidden to eat blood as such by the Law. All blood belonged to God.

These sacrifices were offered repeatedly as people continued to sin even after their sins were forgiven. Thus these blood sacrifices can be seen as only provisional answers to the problem of sin.

In Jesus’ own offering of Himself on the Cross at Calvary we have God’s definitive answer to sin. This offering only occurs once and it suffices to cover all sins for all time, before, during and after the actual offering 2000 years ago. This is something that we will probably never fully understand. The blood of Jesus, because He is both a human person and God, is sufficient to deal with sin once and for all. As the author of eth Letter to the Hebrews tells us, it is through the blood of Jesus that we are able to enter the presence or sanctuary of God. There is no longer a great divide or gulf between God and humanity because Jesus has bridged it with the offering of His life as a sacrifice for our sins.

It was necessary for Jesus to do this as only He, in His being as both God and human can make up for the infinite harm that sin causes our relationship with God. Only God could heal this hurt. Similarly, we human beings can only have access to salvation if it comes from someone like us – namely another human being. It is in the mystery of the person of Jesus, both human and divine, that our salvation is worked out on a cross on Calvary. Let us never tire of being grateful for this wonderful gift of salvation.

How often do I stop to consider the cost of my salvation to Jesus? Have I really tried to understand what He underwent so that I might receive forgiveness for my sins and be given another chance at eternal life?

Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind and my heart as to the truth of my salvation. Let me always be grateful to Jesus for His love and let me live a life worthy of such a great gift and love.