Heb 1: 1-6 God has used many different methods and people to speak his people over the years. His Son, Jesus, is the definitive revelation of God’s love – there is very little if anything that his life and words do not tell us about God. Our faith tells us that Jesus and his Father are one (along with the Holy Spirit). This is why knowing Jesus is important in coming to know the Father. It is also important to realize that we cannot know the Father or the Son without knowing the other.

Jesus, you were sent by your Father to bring redemption to the world. Thank you for generously giving your all in obedience to his will.

Mk 1: 14-20 Mark believes the arrest of John the Baptist precipitates the ministry of Jesus – his coming out to proclaim the Gospel. It is a watershed moment in the history of the world. The beginning of the proclamation of the Gospel – a message in both word and deed that will transform the world – has begun. Jesus immediately begins to call his apostles, the men who will sustain the ministry of the Gospel when he returns to the Father.

Holy Spirit, help me realize that I have a duty to proclaim the Gospel as well. Help me to do my best to both live and proclaim the Good News of salvation.