Zeph 3:1-2, 9-13         Rebellion against the will of God will never lead to a happy conclusion. This sounds utterly obvious and not worthy of mentioning, doesn’t it? Well, if it is that obvious, why do so many people insist on being disobedient to God’s will and then complain that things do not work out as THEY expected. Yes, and there is the problem! The ways of God are not necessarily our ways. Let us try to trust that God’s will is always going to be the best thing for us in the end.


Holy Spirit, you have been commissioned to lead me to the Father via the Way of Jesus who is the also the Truth and Life. Help me to learn to submit to the wisdom of the Father’s will even though I may not fully understand it at the time.


Mt 21:28-32    It is not so much what we say but what we do that will be the basis of our final judgement. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Before an intention becomes good in actuality it must be acted upon. A bad intention will be negated if we repent of it before we act upon it, and do good instead of the originally intended evil. The moral life is a complex thing so we should try to keep it as simple as possible to avoid confusing ourselves.


Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind with the will and Laws of God so that I will be guided upon the path that will lead me to eternal life. Help me to avoid all evil suggestions and actions.