When it comes to the authority of the truth we are concerned with the nature of truth. By its very definition ‘truth’ indicates to us that its authority rests in the fact that it is truth and not just opinion. What does this mean for us? When we look at human morality we are talking about the essence of being a human person. That is, we are dealing with facts or truths that are valid for all people of all time. This does not mean that all people of all times have the same comprehension of these truths but it does mean that they are the same truths for them as they are for each of us today.

The necessity for morality to be a universal reality is found in the fact that we cannot, from a logical point of view, establish a morality applicable to all that is based in two differing sets of rules. It is quite clear and logical that morality must be based upon the universal nature of the human person or not at all. Anything less than a universal morality is destined to result in anarchy where ‘my set of rules’ apply to me and you have a different set.

The authority of our system of morality rests upon the foundation of an understanding of the human person. This is why it is true, not because someone has said so, but because it is merely a description of those tenets and laws that are fundamental to living as a human person. Jesus was subject to the moral law in the same way that we are as He took to himself human form and all that that means.

The Holy Spirit guides us in our uncovering or discovery of the truth of what it means to act in a human manner. He is sent to us to help us discern the truth amongst the many different values that the world offers us. Sometimes the world presents to us moral principles that do not fully capture the truth. There are subtle yet significant errors in its presentation. We need to be alert to them and able to discern them in order to avoid falling into the traps that they represent.

Do I easily and uncritically accept what other people tell me when it comes to moral truths, or do I study the issues for myself in order to try and ensure that what I believe is in fact the truth?

Father in Heaven, you created each one of us in order that we will live in union with you. Help me to be able to separate the moral truth from falsehood in order that I will act according to the nature that you created within me.