The most peaceful people I know are those who have made the decision that the things of the world are not worth worrying about in comparison to the things of the Kingdom of God. Jesus tells his disciples that they should set their hearts on the Kingdom of God rather than the world as it is in his Kingdom that we will find fulfillment.

One of the first steps in being able to do this is to realize that we can only live one day at a time. Yes, there are times when we have to prepare for events in advance and are thus looking forward to something that we believe will happen, however, we cannot live that reality until it comes. The only reality we can live is that of the here and now and thus this is where our greater focus should be. It is a little bit like looking at a problem in the world and seeing that its scope is beyond our power to change it. We can either give up in despair or concentrate on doing the little things we can do to help, hopefully, to bring about greater change if others will do their part also.

We live in the midst of changing world that often has very mixed up priorities. This is the source of all human angst or anxiety. It is only when our focus shifts from the world to God’s Kingdom that we will have any hope of lessening and even removing altogether the anxiety that often shadows our lives. This is the will of God for us – a will that becomes reality the more we entrust our lives into his care. Jesus does not want us carrying around a lot of anxiety because it will burden us and limit our effectiveness in proclaiming the Kingdom of God to others. Also, the witness of our lives will not be as attractive to others if they see that we are constantly burdened with all sorts of pressures and anxiety.

The promise of God to us in the Gospel is that he is our Provider. He will be the one to care for us if we have faith in him. It is only through this faith that we will be truly free to live the life he has designed and willed for us – a life of freedom from anxiety; a life of contentment and trust in his care for us.

In what ways am I failing to trust God with the cares and troubles of my life? Is there anything I can do about this?

Holy Spirit, you are my advocate and guide. Help me to learn how to entrust my life and all its cares into the hands of my loving Father in Heaven so that I can live in peace and without any undue anxiety.