Peter’s response when he realizes that he is in the presence of a very holy person in Jesus is quite instructive. He is immediately aware of his sinfulness and how this sinfulness is directly contrary to the nature of the man in who is before him. Peter realizes that his sinfulness is a huge barrier to having a relationship with this man.


Do we have such a view of sin in our lives? Has the true horror of the nature of sin really sunk into our minds and hearts? If we still find ourselves in serious sin on a regular basis, perhaps it has not! Perhaps, no not perhaps, definitely, that is better, we should pray for the grace to realize and act upon the horrific nature of the sin that is damaging our relationship with God. The saints become more acutely aware of the terrible nature of sin the deeper they enter into relationship with God to the point that they know even the smallest of sins is damaging to their relationship with God.


This is an important starting point in the path to holiness for every Christian. Horror at the consequences of sin is one thing that can drive us to eradicate it from our lives. As we embark on this journey we will realize that it is going to be a long and wearisome task. It is going to call forth from us many sacrifices and penances in order to put to death the sin, and the temptation to sin in our lives. However, I assure you now, that it will be worth it.


Peter embarks on this long journey when he chooses to listen and respond to Jesus’ call to follow Him in today’s Gospel. Peter, I am sure, knows that it is not going to be an easy road to follow. Nevertheless, he has heard the call and he is going to give it his best shot, so to speak. It is important that we all listen carefully for the guiding word of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we will walk the path God wants us to walk. It is this path that will not only be the best path for us, but it will also be the easiest path to the Kingdom of heaven.


What is it that motivates me in my faith walk? Maybe I should be asking the more basic question, “Am I really motivated to grow in holiness in my relationship with Jesus?” Let us spend a few minutes thinking about this question and answering it honestly so that we know from where we are now beginning in our journey to the Kingdom of God.


Lord Jesus, you call each of us into relationship with you and to follow you wherever you may lead us. Help me to entrust my life into your hands and to know that you always desire the best for me. Help me to realize that this ‘best’ does not come with sacrifice and commitment.