It is a boiling hot day and the humidity is way up near 100% and all you want to do is plunge into the waters of the Antarctic and cool down a bit… Then somebody offers you what they say is an insulated glass of ice-cold water… Immediately your lips begin to salivate at just the anticipation of such a welcome respite from the heat… You are tempted to tip the glass over your head and let it run down your face but you know that it will do more good to drink it… You put the glass to your mouth… You begin to drink and… Arghhhhhhh. The water is warm and you spit it out! It is not even remotely cool, let alone ice-cold! Somebody had better prepare to die…! I suppose we can think of a worse scenario than the one above but lukewarm water on a hot day does nothing to alleviate the heat!

The same can be said for the temperature of the ardour with which we follow Christ. God calls us to make a choice, not to stand in the middle of ‘nowhere land.’ If you stand there you are likely to get shot at from either side of the trenches. A person fails to please either side when he/she announces her position 50/50 for both sides. Discipleship, in the terms of the Gospel, is an either/or choice. If we stand with one foot in either camp, straddling the fence so to speak, we are not fit for the Kingdom of God.

God wants us to be as committed as possible to The Kingdom and not fighting the battle one day and leaving it up to the others for the next! It is all or nothing when it comes to our relationship with God. There is no such thing as a part time disciple. The terms have been placed before us. Are we willing to sign on the dotted line? Remember, God cannot abide tepidity, just as you cannot abide a lukewarm glass of water on a hot day!

Yes, there will probably be many times when we fall short of the goal of 100% commitment to God, but this is not a valid excuse to begin our relationship with Him with anything less than an intended 100% commitment. The way of Discipleship is the way of Jesus – through the cross to the resurrection. If we are willing to be fully committed to Him we can be sure that He will be fully committed to us. The cross is the proof of this. Let us then resolve to be disciples who follow in Jesus’ footsteps with a total trust in that whatever the Father asks us to do, we will do it in full!

How committed am I to my faith? Is it s part-time extra in my life or is my faith the heart soul of each and every day?

Lord Jesus, you paid the price of your human life for your 100% commitment to the Father’s will. Thank you for that, as without it we would not have been reconciled to God. Help me to be fully committed to you so that those you want me to share the Gospel with will also be able to come to know and experience your incredible love.