When I reflect upon the day that I will stand before the Lord in judgement, I am certain of at least one thing and that is I do not want to be saying to myself, “If only I had taken that opportunity when it came to me …” I find it difficult to conceive of a more frustrating reality than that – namely knowing that the possibility for something was there for the taking but I did not take it! Have you ever thought about this?

The Gospel today tells us of a similar situation as various people refuse an invitation to a banquet and when they change their mind find that it is too late to take up the original invitation! God is always generous to us – He is always offering us graces for the situations we face in life. The question that remains to be answered is whether or not we are humble enough to take up the offer. And there is the critical point – do we have the humility to be a true disciple of Jesus, following His will for our lives wherever it may lead us?

There are times and seasons in life and there are moments of grace offered by the Holy Spirit that come around only once in a lifetime! It is a bit like Alphonsus de Ligouri reflecting that if we waste a minute of our lives doing nothing, wee never get that minute back again! Likewise, if we refuse to take up a particular grace then we may never get that opportunity again and we will be left wondering what might have been had we been obedient and accepted that offer of grace. A famous poet once wrote about ‘seizing the day.’ Well, I think we as Christians should reflect on this concept often in terms of taking up the offer of grace when it arises in our lives and not delaying until the moment of opportunity has passed us by!

What graces is God offering me right at this moment of my life? How am I disposed towards them? Should I be doing anything to accept them into my life right now?

Father, you have promised to be with us until the end of time. Your grace for salvation is permanently available to all. Help us to take it up and live it to the full.