Jesus specifically tells the man he heals not to tell anyone what has happened. How unrealistic can a person, even if he is the Son of God, be? If something really good happens to you, the first thing you do is tell others about it. If you have been healed from sort of skin disease it would be literally impossible to hide the fact that you had been healed of the disease. Therefore, we have to assume that the words of Jesus are a literary device of Mark. If this is the case we have to ask ourselves, “What is the point that Mark is trying to make here?”

I believe that Mark is trying to portray to the reader that once a person encounters Jesus it is impossible for them to remain silent about the encounter. The gospels are full of examples to this effect; the lives of the saints also witness to the same sort of power and compulsion that is put into motion when someone meets Jesus and has there life changed by the encounter. The interesting thing about encounters with Jesus is that they are as many and varied as there are people in the world. That […]

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