Visitation: BEING CHRIST TO OTHERS Lk 1:39-56

As we reflect upon the visitation of Elizabeth by Mary it is good for us to ask ourselves whether or not we practice the discipline of visiting those around us who are in need. Even though they can be living a city of millions of people, there are often people who are terribly lonely. There are also those who have been confined in a hospital for reasons of sickness and those who are in jail for breaking the law. There is never going to be a shortage of people who need to be visited by kindhearted people who will set the time aside to carry out this Christian duty.

It is not just a matter of caring for our friends and relatives in these situations. Jesus is quite clear that we have a responsibility to make ourselves available to ‘any of the least of His brethren’ (Mt 25) and visit them in their time of need. I am sure that none of us would enjoy the enforced solitude of a lack of visitors in a time of confinement. Jesus affirms that we visit Him when we visit our neighbor in need. Not only do we visit Jesus in the other person, […]

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