Sometimes it can be useful to reflect upon some of the responses of the people to Jesus’ teaching and actions. Here we see that some of the Jews are filled with rage towards Jesus after he heals a man with a paralyzed hand on the Sabbath! To us this seems totally illogical and inexcusable. However, if we think a little more deeply, perhaps we can gain some sort of insight into the mindset of the Pharisees at the time of Jesus.

If Jesus act causes such rage in some people it only goes to show the depth of their commitment, however misguided it may be, to a literal obedience to the Law of Moses. If we come at the story from this point of view perhaps we will have a little more compassion for the Pharisees than if we insist at looking at the incident from our own point of view. Trying to be more understanding will give us a much better chance of resolving our differences with others than if insist on our position over and against any other position in an argument. This is not to advocate compromise, but to encourage us all to try and see things from […]

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Youth Ministry after Evangelii Gaudium

I’ve just come back from Adelaide and the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention. It was a great weekend! This workshop looks at Pope Francis’s exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (EG) and ‘marries’ three key concepts from the exhortation with some key research from Dr Christian Smith of Notre Dame University Indiana which he presents in his 2014 book Young […]
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