The title of this reflection is critical to the life of disciple of Jesus. Jesus tells us that ‘the ruler of this world’ is coming – that is Satan is alive and kicking so to speak. However, the important thing about all of this is not that Satan is still alive but that he has no power over Jesus, and because of his generosity with us, us as well. Do you believe this, or not? If not, then you are going to find it virtually impossible to grow as a disciple of Jesus; if yes, then the possibilities are endless.


Jesus is aware, even before he has endured his passion, death and resurrection, that he is going to be victorious. He is telling his disciples, and that includes anyone who chooses to follow him, that they will share in his vicory too. Why? So that we will all be able to return to the Father. Sin has separated us from our Father in Heaven – Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating fruit from the tree of Good and Evil; Jesus has come to dwell with us in order to reunite us with his Father. […]

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One of the roles of the holy Spirit is that he will teach us all we need to know about the spiritual life. This task will be impossible unless we are teachable, that is, we need to embrace the virtue of humility and be ready and willing to learn about the new way of life we have embraced as disciples of Jesus. It takes a lot of humility to remain teachable throughout our lives because the danger is that after a few years of walking in the ways of Jesus we begin to think that we know all that we need to know and so become less and less teachable.


The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we want to embrace the fullness of the grace that God has for us. This is the big question. We may think we have reached that fullness already but the reality is that we never reach the fullness of the graces of God in this life – maybe some of the true mystics of the Church come close but even they will be the first to admit that God is much bigger and grander than they have experienced. We need […]

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Any leader in the Church from the Pope down to the leader of the smallest prayer group in the world ought to have meditated long and hard on the text we have for the First Reading today. Why do I say this? It is very simple. The apostles were finding that there time was being consumed by administrative functions that while essential, did not really have to be done by them. So they raised up deacons to help them accomplish such tasks. But this was not just about getting the jobs done, in fact, the primary reasoning behind the raising up of the deacons was so that the apostles could DEVOTE themselves to prayer and the preaching of the Gospel. What does it mean to devote one’s self to something? I am glad you asked that question! To devote one’s self to something means to give it your fullest and undivided attention. I think every leader in the Church, including myself should ask him or her self, “Am I fully devoted to a life of prayer and proclaiming the Gospel?” And if not, as I think the case will be, what are you going to do about changing the priorities […]

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Death has more Power

The risen Christ has defeated the power of death. Fr Ken Barker MGL says that if we confess that Jesus is the Lord of our life, the power of the resurrection will break the chains that hold us down. This homily for the Easter Vigil was recorded at the Light to the Nations Easter Pilgrimage. [...]

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Fighting for our Hearts

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Being served by Christ

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As a student I loved mathematics. Even today I will read mathematical books for the pleasure of doing so – I will even work at mathematical problems for the fun of the challenge. It is a weird sort of reality that when you are a mathematician it is the simplest proof of a theorem that appeals to you the most. It would seem that something that is complicated and difficult would be more appealing but it is not. Apart from the fact that a simple proof will be more readily understood by the many, it is simply more beautiful than something complicate and difficult to understand. The greatest writers use a minimum of words to convey their ideas; it is much easier to write a 2000 word essay on a given topic than a 500 word one as you have to use your words more carefully and precisely.

Having said that read through the proclamations of the Gospel that Peter and Paul and the other apostles make in the Acts of the Apostles. They are all the more remarkable and powerful because of their simplicity and clarity of ideas. What homilies, if any, do you remember well? I am sure they […]

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Our Spirits will Live

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Blind to life

Fr Chris Eaton MGL speaks about the blindness of our own heart in this homily for the 4th Sunday in Lent.

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Blind to Life

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