Prepare the Way

The best way to prepare a way for the Lord this Advent is through being really vulnerable with God about the areas where we need salvation. Fr David Callaghan MGL speaks about the difference that the saviour brings to our life in this homily for the 3rd Sunday in Advent. Download this episode (right click [...]

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Alive in the Spirit

On the feast of Christ the King, Fr Ken barker MGL preaches about the movement of the Holy Spirit in our life. This was at the end of a retreat preparing for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at the St Benedict’s Mission Centre in Canberra. Download this episode (right click and save)

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Understanding God

Jesus presents us with a parable that doesn’t seem to make much sense. Fr David Lemewu breaks open the parable of the workers in the vineyard in this homily for the 25th Sunday in ordinary time. Download this episode (right click and save)

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Come and Rest

Jesus does not want us to be burdened by unnecessary things. He sends the Holy Spirit so that we can be helped in every moment of our day. Fr David lemewu MGL speaks about how we can live in this grace in this homily for the 14th Sunday in ordinary time. Download this episode (right [...]

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Feeling Alive in Christ

If the life of Christ is alive in us, then we become the good news in the world. Fr Ken Barker MGL speaks about the call to witness the gospel through our joy in this homily for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary time. Download this episode (right click and ...
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Visitation MARY IS OUR MODEL FOR FAITH Lk 1:39-56


Elizabeth recognises that Mary carries within her a child that is very special. Admittedly, seeing that the child is the Son of God, it is a completely unique situation, so perhaps we might even expect her to be able to sense something. I like to think that what Elizabeth sensed of Mary, namely that she was carrying within her womb the Christ child, should be true of us all. That is, when we come into the presence of others our faith in God should be so great that it is tangible to them in some sort of fashion.


I know this sounds as though I am putting a lot of pressure on Christians to manifest their faith without speaking a word, but it should be possible. People ought to be able to discern that we are men and women of faith even before we have told them that we are such. The way we live our lives – the compassion with which we relate to others, the charity we share with those in need, the time we spend with the lost and lonely and many other works of mercy and love, ought to reveal to anyone who knows us or […]

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In one of the psalms we read that crying may endure through the night but joy comes with the morning. This is often so true of discipleship. Jesus tells his disciples that it will look as though the powers of the world have triumphed and that they, his disciples, have lost, however that is not the case. Things are not always as they first seem to be, as there sorrow will ultimately be turned to joy!


Jesus is referring at least in the first instance to his own passion, death and then resurrection. The first two aspects of which reflect defeat and the the third final victory. The first two are overcome by the third! This is also often the pattern of discipleship. There are many false starts and dead ends in the life of a disciple of Jesus as we learn how to listen to God’s will and then put it into action. There are times when we make mistakes and have to turn back to find the right path again, but in the end, if we keep faith with the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us, we triumph. This is God’s work in us.


Even if […]

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Do you want to be convinced of the sin in your lives? I hope so! This is one of the roles of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. We live in a day and age of denial and the primary denial that is taking place concerns the nature of te human person. Many academics are denying that there is anything fundamental to the structure or the psyche of the human person such that there might be demands made upon the actions of the individual. They might not say it in the words that I have just used but what I have just expressed is the fundamental basis of the relativistic scepticism that permeated much of today’s society. There are no absolute truths is the catchcry of this trend; what is true for me may not be necessarily true for you. This may be the case but there must be some truths regarding the human person or there is no basis for morality or any sort of ordered society.


Access to abortion is one of the key issues. Abortion in its most basic description is the killing of an innocent, unborn child. Proponents of abortion on demand will use […]

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This text from the First Letter of St Peter, a text that is most often regarded as a baptismal homily or instruction, is one that we should reflect upon often in terms of our commitment to mission. St Peter tells us that proclaiming the Gospel is not an option for a Christian. Of course we can choose to refuse to share our faith with anyone but then not only would our faith be untrue to itself, it would also die! St Peter reminds us here to always be ready to share what we have received with anyone who asks about it.


I even think that it is a good idea for us to have a few short testimonials prepared that we can easily draw upon when the right situation arises. It can never hurt to be ready with a short personal testimony or simple Gospel presentation that can be shared in two or three minutes. Peter suggests that at least part of our motivation for doing this will comes from reverencing the Lord Jesus in our hearts. In other words, if we truly treasure the gift of faith and salvation we have received, then we will be well on the way […]

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There is a great danger in the Prosperity Gospel movement in that it fails to recognise that suffering, in one shape or form or another, is always going to present even, and perhaps more so, in the lives of the holiest of Christians. We cannot escape suffering. If you study the lives of the mystics of the Church you will discover that they all underwent quite significant levels of suffering – physical, emotional or psychological.


The prosperity Gospel says that a person with faith in God should experience only blessing and wealth in their lives. Any suffering or poverty is simply due to a lack of faith! This is far too simplistic to even approach being true. It forgets the fundamental truth of Christ’s passion and death for a start! And, practically speaking, there is no convincing argument to support the claim. On the contrary, all the evidence is in the other direction!


One of the most evident features of Prosperity Gospel Churches is the youthfulness of the congregation. Once a person starts getting old, and sickness becomes more prevalent, they begin to realise that the premises of Prosperity Gospel thinking are fundamentally flawed and they drop out and return to […]

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