Sometimes it is difficult to accept the way in which others might seem to be wealthier or more endowed intellectually or more blessed than we seem to be. If we are sensible about this we will realize that there are certain things in life that we just cannot change! Or can we change them?

The most important thing that we have in this life is our relationship with God. Everything else pales into complete and utter insignificance in comparison to our relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, we do have the power to change many of the things in our life for the better! Maybe it is not ‘to the better’ in the sense that the world might understand this concept, but it is ‘to the better’ in regards our journey towards eternal life. The latter is far more important than the former.

The person whose faith is truly alive will be constantly experiencing a drawing deeper into relationship with God. The deeper we go with God, the less the ways and priorities of the world will seem important to us. In fact, some of the saints became so engrossed in their relationship with God that they would forget to eat, […]

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Our Lady of Sorrows THE FAITHFUL DISCIPLE Jn 19:25-27.

Mary is the supreme example of discipleship that we have to study. Her entire life is given over to the service of God’s will to the point that she stands at the foot of the cross as her son breathes his last. If we desire to be a disciple of Jesus, this is the path that we will have to walk as well. Mary is a woman who never shirked her responsibilities and thus was with Jesus until the end. In this, I pray that we will follow her example.

Mary as the Lady of Sorrows is a picture of faith in the midst of the turbulent situations of her life. It cannot have been easy for her to follow her son’s life of ministry and see that the establishment despised him. Nor would it have got any easier as He approached His final days. Throughout all of this Mary’s faith remained constant. She does not play a major role in the ministry of Jesus except to implore Him to work a miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana when the wine runs out. She remains in the background; yet when she appears she is always portrayed as a woman of […]

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BUILT TO LAST Lk 6:43-49

The other day I was walking along a beach in Zambales and I saw a house being built right at the high tide mark on the beach. It struck me as quite a silly place to build a house because, not only would the waves of a storm threaten its foundations, it was also built right beside the bank of a stream that emptied into the sea which was already causing erosion problems with the foundations on that side of the house. I very much doubt that the house will survive too many typhoon seasons!

Sometimes it seems that we do not make sensible decisions about where and how to build our houses. This is not only the case with houses, but it also seems to ring true regarding the foundation of our spiritual lives as well. Too often as a priest I come across people who have built their spirituality around a particular experience, or set of experiences, that are slowly fading away and taking their faith with it. The only way to build a faith that will endure the test of time is to build it upon a solid commitment to Jesus! Without this it will be destined to […]

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One of the first and most important characteristics that a religious leader must have is a pastoral heart. That is, he or she must have a genuine care and concern for the welfare of the people for whose care they have been entrusted. This is normally a gift – it is not something that can be learnt! Even when the gifting is there, it takes a lot of work to truly develop the gift to its full potential. In the Gospel today Jesus laments the fact that the leaders of the Jewish people have failed in their pastoral duty to care for the people. As is mentioned in the prophet Ezekiel, God is looking for men who will care for the People of Israel as a true shepherd cares for his flock.

It is okay and even necessary to have visionary people in leadership as well but without pastorally minded people to back them up, a community will not prosper. There are few things that evoke greater levels of pity in me than coming across a community that is floundering and falling apart because there is little or no pastoral care of its members. At the same time we must also […]

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The above heading describes the central principle of discipleship. It is the example that Christ has given us to follow. It sounds as though it should be easy to do, but for all who have set themselves this task they have found it much easier to say and understand than to put into practice!

The thing that makes it so difficult is temptation and sin. This is the constant struggle of the disciple, namely to reject temptation and sin and embrace the will of God for our lives. The times when we fail to do this should not discourage us. We need to get up and get on with life, repent of our sin and set our eyes back on the goal and move forward. The Reading tells us that the goal of life is to “grow in every way into the head who is Christ;” furthermore, the way this happens is that ‘living the truth in love’ allows the body and all its parts to be strengthened and come together in unity and love.

Each Christian has to decide to make these principles his or her own if they want to progress in the life of holiness. Once the decision is […]

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A Bit About the Missionaries of God’s Love

Fr Dave Callaghan MGL has been working away with a bunch of other Missionaries of God’s Love brothers and some of our friends to re-launch our website.  He grabbed a couple of clips of me talking about the Missionaries.  I’ll let you know when the new website goes live, but until then I thought you […]
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