We live in a society that talks a lot about equality and where there are all sorts of anti-discrimination laws. There is no doubt in my mind that all people are created equal and ought to be treated as such. This does not, however, mean that we are all the same. The Holy Spirit has gifted each of us differently and it takes each of us, using the gifts and talents that we have at our disposal to make the Church and the world work well. If one person on a team slacks off, the whole of the team is affected, as others have to do a little extra to compensate.

Another way of looking at things is to consider that each person is unique and if they fail to live up to their gifting or talents then there is no one else who can actually do what they do, or more correctly, be who they are meant to be as God’s gift to the world. That is, I cannot be you and you cannot be me.

It is for these reasons that it is important for us to discover the gifts that God as given to us so that […]

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Our Lady of Sorrows THE FAITHFUL DISCIPLE Jn 19:25-27.

Mary is the supreme example of discipleship that we have to study. Her entire life is given over to the service of God’s will to the point that she stands at the foot of the cross as her son breathes his last. If we desire to be a disciple of Jesus, this is the path that we will have to walk as well. Mary is a woman who never shirked her responsibilities and thus was with Jesus until the end. In this, I pray that we will follow her example.

Mary as the Lady of Sorrows is a picture of faith in the midst of the turbulent situations of her life. It cannot have been easy for her to follow her son’s life of ministry and see that the establishment despised him. Nor would it have got any easier as He approached His final days. Throughout all of this Mary’s faith remained constant. She does not play a major role in the ministry of Jesus except to implore Him to work a miracle at the Wedding Feats of Cana when the wine runs out. She remains in the background; yet when she appears she is always portrayed as a woman of […]

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Week 24 LOVE NEVER GIVES UP Lk 15:1-32

Today’s Gospel invites us to reflect upon three parables all with much the same message, the parable of the lost sheep and the shepherding leaving the 99 to go and find the one that is lost; the woman who searches everywhere for her lost coin; and the famous parable of the prodigal son. What can we draw from these three parables?

There are many lessons to be learnt, however we will focus upon just one point in this reflection. One of the greatest things about true love is that it never gives up seeking the bet for the other person. Even though the father of the prodigal son knows that his son has just wasted his inheritance on a life of debauchery, he does not love him any less and he seeks to restore him to the his rightful place as his son once again. Both the shepherd and the woman give all their efforts to finding their lost sheep and coin respectively. This is what true love is all about!

Love never seeks to harm another person. Yes, sometimes it may be necessary to hurt someone a little in order to teach them a lesson, but this sort of hurt or […]

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Passionate Christianity

In this week's homily, Fr Dave Callaghan MGL says that in our prayer and in our way of life, we need to have a clear idea of what we want and a passionate desire to seek after it.

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Passionate Christianity

In this week's homily, Fr Dave Callaghan MGL says that in our prayer and in our way of life, we need to have a clear idea of what we want and a passionate desire to seek after it.

The post Passionate Christianity appeared first on Cradio.

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It is important when we reflect upon this story of Jesus’ encounter with Mary and Martha that we remember to place it in context. Jesus is not telling us that serving a visitor in one’s home is a bad thing to do. He is simply saying that there is a time to serve and a time to just sit and reflect upon life. We need to find the right balance between the two! I think we all know at least one person who tends to hide behind busyness in order to avoid having to relate to the people in his or her life. This is what Jesus is addressing. We must find time in our lives to serve those around us; we must also find the time to simply be with them and to enjoy one another’s company. This is the essence of human relationships.

We live in a world that rewards activism and industriousness to the point that we tend to forget about the need for silence. I was reading a book the other day and one of the points it was making is that, generally speaking, people today lack silence in their lives and thus are unable to reflect […]

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Unlock the Cage

If you were standing in a room by yourself, with a huge hungry lion in front of you, the natural response would be fear. Absolute fear based on the knowledge that this animal is about to change you in ways that are quite undesirable.

But if you were standing in front of the same lion, while the lion was locked inside a strong cage, your feelings would be completely different. This terrifying animal is now controlled, so that you can relate to it like an animal locked in a zoo.

Sadly, this is a lot like the way that the church relates with God. God is infinite love; passionate love; uncontrollable love that seeks to change us in ways that are sometimes undesirable. If the love of God does not seem as scary as a lion, it is probably because we have put god in a cage.

We do this mostly through the way that we pray. We pray in ways that are safe, where we keep God at a comfortable distance.  ‘Love me and make my life better than it is, but don’t change me or take over my life’.

We can only come to know the full power of God’s love by […]

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Jer 33: 14-16 What is honesty and integrity if it is not the virtuous life? This is what the world needs to see today – men and women placing virtue, placing honesty and integrity before all other things. Yes, there are many things in the world that are attractive, but isn’t the knowledge that we have done the right thing attractive also. I think it becomes even more attractive when we realize that it is the only criterion that will matter on Judgment Day!

Holy Spirit, empower me to live a life of integrity and honesty so that the witness I give to the Gospel will be holy and pure.

1 Thes 3: 12 – 4: 2 All through Paul’s writings we discover exhortations to holiness and faith. It is this sort of life that will promote the Gospel and overcome evil. There is always a cost involved in living the truth and often the cost involved is without sense according to the world’s priorities. This is a key point to remember: the priorities of the world and the Kingdom of God should be the same but often they are not. Why? Sin is the reason why. Sin has infected […]

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Faith that heals

Is 29: 17-24 It can be difficult to remain faithful to the Gospel when many around us are not. People may scoff at us and mock us but this should not dissuade us from following the right path. The truth of the matter is that we will be vindicated in the end! On Judgment Day we will receive our eternal reward and those who persisted in wrong will finally be brought to understand the error of their ways.

Jesus, help me to remain faithful in the little things of my faith so that when the bigger choices arrive I will have a firm foundation upon which to make them.

Mt 9: 27-31 So often in the healing miracles Jesus tells those healed that it was their, and sometimes another person’s faith that saved them. What does this teach us? It teaches us that faith is primary in our lives; it comes before all other aspects of our lives. Healing from sickness may or may not be important, however, faith is necessary for salvation whether or not we are physically healed. Let us seek to grow in our faith every day.

Holy Spirit, teach me how to make the decisions that are […]

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Why was Jesus a Carpenter?

Carpentry is a very strange profession. A carpenter will take a tree and intentionally destroy its natural beauty. The carpenter will hack away at the trunk of the tree, removing its defensive layer through the use of axes, saws and chisels. In fact, if you did not understand what the carpenter was doing, you would think that this person simply delighted in doing violence to a piece of wood.

But it is through this violent action that the inner beauty of the wood is revealed. A master craftsman not only shapes the wood for a useful purpose, they also allows the true colour and grain of the wood to be seen.

At this point we need to ask the question, was it purely an accident that Jesus was a carpenter? Was it simply a random chance that the saviour of the world would take on this profession or was God trying to reveal something about how he works with his people?

The scriptures often describe the purifying work that God does through the image of refining Gold or cleaning dirty clothing. But maybe the best image is the image of a carpenter. It can often be hard to understand what God is doing […]

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