In one of the psalms we read that crying may endure through the night but joy comes with the morning. This is often so true of discipleship. Jesus tells his disciples that it will look as though the powers of the world have triumphed and that they, his disciples, have lost, however that is not the case. Things are not always as they first seem to be, as there sorrow will ultimately be turned to joy!


Jesus is referring at least in the first instance to his own passion, death and then resurrection. The first two aspects of which reflect defeat and the the third final victory. The first two are overcome by the third! This is also often the pattern of discipleship. There are many false starts and dead ends in the life of a disciple of Jesus as we learn how to listen to God’s will and then put it into action. There are times when we make mistakes and have to turn back to find the right path again, but in the end, if we keep faith with the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us, we triumph. This is God’s work in us.


Even if […]

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Sometimes it is difficult to accept the way in which others might seem to be wealthier or more endowed intellectually or more blessed than we seem to be. If we are sensible about this we will realize that there are certain things in life that we just cannot change! Or can we change them?

The most important thing that we have in this life is our relationship with God. Everything else pales into complete and utter insignificance in comparison to our relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, we do have the power to change many of the things in our life for the better! Maybe it is not ‘to the better’ in the sense that the world might understand this concept, but it is ‘to the better’ in regards our journey towards eternal life. The latter is far more important than the former.

The person whose faith is truly alive will be constantly experiencing a drawing deeper into relationship with God. The deeper we go with God, the less the ways and priorities of the world will seem important to us. In fact, some of the saints became so engrossed in their relationship with God that they would forget to eat, […]

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We live in a society that talks a lot about equality and where there are all sorts of anti-discrimination laws. There is no doubt in my mind that all people are created equal and ought to be treated as such. This does not, however, mean that we are all the same. The Holy Spirit has gifted each of us differently and it takes each of us, using the gifts and talents that we have at our disposal to make the Church and the world work well. If one person on a team slacks off, the whole of the team is affected, as others have to do a little extra to compensate.

Another way of looking at things is to consider that each person is unique and if they fail to live up to their gifting or talents then there is no one else who can actually do what they do, or more correctly, be who they are meant to be as God’s gift to the world. That is, I cannot be you and you cannot be me.

It is for these reasons that it is important for us to discover the gifts that God as given to us so that […]

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The Story of the healing of the centurion’s servant is quite amazing in that the centurion, a Roman citizen would not have been a Jew! So here we have the Gospel writer using as an example a situation that is quite unusual! Surely he could have found examples of miraculous healings where the recipient of the healing was a Jew! What is Luke trying to say to us through this healing?

The words of the centurion give us a clue. He refuses to allow Jesus to come to his house and the reason that he gives is that he trusts fully the authority of Jesus and if He, Jesus, will only say the word, he knows that his servant will be cured! This is an incredible act of faith on the part of the centurion. It is here that we can learn something about faith.

Faith is not dependent upon your heritage! Just because your mother and father are people of faith is no guarantee that you will be one as well. The central aspect of faith is whether or not we are willing to place our lives under the authority of God and live according to His will. The centurion knows […]

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Week 24 LOVE NEVER GIVES UP Lk 15:1-32

Today’s Gospel invites us to reflect upon three parables all with much the same message, the parable of the lost sheep and the shepherding leaving the 99 to go and find the one that is lost; the woman who searches everywhere for her lost coin; and the famous parable of the prodigal son. What can we draw from these three parables?

There are many lessons to be learnt, however we will focus upon just one point in this reflection. One of the greatest things about true love is that it never gives up seeking the bet for the other person. Even though the father of the prodigal son knows that his son has just wasted his inheritance on a life of debauchery, he does not love him any less and he seeks to restore him to the his rightful place as his son once again. Both the shepherd and the woman give all their efforts to finding their lost sheep and coin respectively. This is what true love is all about!

Love never seeks to harm another person. Yes, sometimes it may be necessary to hurt someone a little in order to teach them a lesson, but this sort of hurt or […]

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For those early risers out there you would appreciate the morning- it’s a wonderful part of the day when dawn is breaking forth and the first rays of the sun catch the tall trees glistening after the night moisture. If ever I am up at that time I do appreciate these times of glory of God. We all know the power of the sun to illumine the day, the soft light of the moon at night. Scripture is flooded with these two images of darkness and light.
The light overshadows the darkness and that is precisely what happens when Jesus the Son of God is in town! Even the demons shudder as they are exposed to the brilliant light of the Son. They scream and call out, knowing that their reign of darkness has been conquered in the light of Jesus’ coming. Jesus speaks in the power of light and acts in the light. All that comes to him is exposed by the light of day.
The image of darkness and light is also within. Anyone who sins lives in the darkness. Anyone who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus in obedience and faith will always have the light of life. […]

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One of my fondest memories is that of having Christmas lunch with the brothers in Australia. It was a tradition within our community that we open our home to those who were less fortunate and to share Christmas with us. It was a very joyful occasion and full with food, laughter and celebration. There were many characters that we would invite, those whom you would rather pass by in the street. But it was these simple and humble folk that made it all the more joyous feast that it was. At the end of our celebration they would be fighting over the food to bring home. So much for kindness and sharing and humility!
Jesus teaches us today how we are to act at table when we are invited to a party. To take the lowest place, to sit and eat with the less fortunate. He teaches us the way of hospitality – which a common theme flowing through the Gospel of Luke.
Jesus also teaches us about the grace of humility which seems to have vanished into thin air these days! St Francis of Assisi taught that humility is knowing who God is and knowing who I am. Humility is not […]

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God is not really interested in the status of a person, just their faith. It does not matter to him whether one is the richest and most powerful person in the world or simply someone who ekes out a living on a small plot of land in a rural community that has virtually no access to the modern amenities of today’s society. With God it is not a matter of either who or what you know, but how deep is your faith. Jesus chose to appear before Mary Magdalene, whose feast we celebrate today, after he rose from the dead before he appeared to the apostles! Why is this the case?

I think Jesus chooses this order because he wants to emphasise the fact that it does not matter who we are or what we were before we became his disciple; what matters is that we have faith in him and are truly seeking his will for our lives. Traditionally the Church believes that Mary Magdalene is the same woman as the one in the story of the woman caught in adultery – she is very lucky (blessed) to be alive! Yet he appears to her before his apostles! This tells […]

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I love the concept of a smouldering wick! We have all experienced the struggle to keep a candle alive when it seems that it just does not want to burn. This is a great image of faith in a person struggling to believe for one reason or another. One of the challenges we face as Christians is to be on the lookout for those in our community who are struggling. Sometimes people simple lose their faith or slip out of the faith community unnoticed because we do not have a great enough sense of care for those in our midst who are fighting for their faith.

Perhaps we might argue that we too are struggling to maintain our faith in an ever more hostile world, but that is not a good enough answer! In fact, even more so should we be on the lookout for others suffering the same struggles as we are in order to help them or be inspired by their perseverance in their struggles.

In the Gospels Jesus seems to be drawn to the ‘little ones’ (anawim) and their concerns are never too small for him to take the time to address them. We need to imitate this concern […]

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St Bonaventure is one of the greatest if not the greatest theologian of the Franciscan Order. His writings on the mind and heart of God for his people are still important sources of thought hundreds of years after his death. It just goes to show that the truth is immutable and endures from age to age. This is why we need to seek the truth and make it the foundation of our lives and reject the fads of our times when they are shallow and meaningless.

The Saints of the Church discover truths about the Christian life that command their attention and energy and so set them o n a path that becomes an example for all precisely because they are seeking and living the truth. This is what sets apart lives that will be remembered for their everlasting significance and those that will be forgotten by the next generation, or even the next fad culture! I think there is something in us all that desires to leave a legacy for the generations to come, but how many of us are willing to focus our lives to the extent that this will be possible?

Sportsmen and women have a singular purpose in […]

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