Our Lady of Sorrows THE FAITHFUL DISCIPLE Jn 19:25-27.

Mary is the supreme example of discipleship that we have to study. Her entire life is given over to the service of God’s will to the point that she stands at the foot of the cross as her son breathes his last. If we desire to be a disciple of Jesus, this is the path that we will have to walk as well. Mary is a woman who never shirked her responsibilities and thus was with Jesus until the end. In this, I pray that we will follow her example.

Mary as the Lady of Sorrows is a picture of faith in the midst of the turbulent situations of her life. It cannot have been easy for her to follow her son’s life of ministry and see that the establishment despised him. Nor would it have got any easier as He approached His final days. Throughout all of this Mary’s faith remained constant. She does not play a major role in the ministry of Jesus except to implore Him to work a miracle at the Wedding Feats of Cana when the wine runs out. She remains in the background; yet when she appears she is always portrayed as a woman of […]

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Ash Wednesday AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST 2Cor 5:20-6:2

We begin once again our Lenten journey. Let us focus our attention on the Second Reading for now. St Paul affirms that we are all called to be ambassadors for Christ. What does this mean? Put simply it means that each of us, according to God’s will for our lives, is to give witness to the truth of the Gospel to the world. Through the witness of our lifestyle we must be calling out to the world to change its ways and repent of sin and live holy and righteous lives.

This sounds like an enormous responsibility and at one level it is, however, to be realistic, all it is is a call to be obedient to the will of God as best we can. God cannot ask any more form us than this! On the other hand, this is not just an incidental little thing. God’s calling, as we learnt yesterday will involve sacrifices and endurance. It will mean being ready to allow God to lead us on the adventure of our lives. It will mean experiencing situations where we will have to place our trust in God and let go of any hope of remaining personally in control of […]

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October 22    Whether we like it or not we all have responsibility for the graces God has given us and this means we have to discern how to use such graces not just for our own benefit but for the good of the Kingdom of God as a whole. The author of the Letter to the Ephesians reminds them how Paul has exercised stewardship of the graces of God for their benefit. This is why the community of faith has grown strongly. It is now up to each member of the community to respond accordingly and do the same.

This is also true for us today. In the midst of the secular world of today this can be quite difficult as the focus seems to be strongly placed upon ‘looking after one’s own interests above and beyond all else.’ This is true only to a limited extent in that if everyone only focuses upon themselves, then we will all lose out in the end due to lack of cooperation. If everyone is only interested in the biggest prize at a competition and shuns everything else, then there will only be one winner! If you remember the film “A Beautiful Mind” depicting […]

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Baptism of the Lord

Homily by Fr Ken Barker MGL recorded last year at St Benedict’s, Canberra. For more information about the MGLs, go to www.mglpriestsandbrothers.org Listen Now
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