Sometimes it is difficult to accept the way in which others might seem to be wealthier or more endowed intellectually or more blessed than we seem to be. If we are sensible about this we will realize that there are certain things in life that we just cannot change! Or can we change them?

The most important thing that we have in this life is our relationship with God. Everything else pales into complete and utter insignificance in comparison to our relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, we do have the power to change many of the things in our life for the better! Maybe it is not ‘to the better’ in the sense that the world might understand this concept, but it is ‘to the better’ in regards our journey towards eternal life. The latter is far more important than the former.

The person whose faith is truly alive will be constantly experiencing a drawing deeper into relationship with God. The deeper we go with God, the less the ways and priorities of the world will seem important to us. In fact, some of the saints became so engrossed in their relationship with God that they would forget to eat, […]

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There is a big difference between being a steward of the wealth that God has blessed us with and with being beholden to that very same wealth. In the former we are in control of all of our actions. In the latter, wealth or the desire for it is the controlling force in our actions. The Gospel today asks us to examine where we stand on these matters. It is important for us to be honest with ourselves here as if we are not, that is just the opening that the devil is seeking in order to deflect us from the path of true discipleship and lead us into a position where it is money or mammon rather than God that is the focus of our lives.

Jesus tells us a story about a man who knows how to get what he wants in this life, however, he has forgotten about the life to follow, that is, eternal life. He may well be successful in obtaining everything that he wants here and now, but what about eternal life. How will all the things of the world benefit him then? This is a crucial concept that we must grasp early in life […]

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Our Lady of Sorrows THE FAITHFUL DISCIPLE Jn 19:25-27.

Mary is the supreme example of discipleship that we have to study. Her entire life is given over to the service of God’s will to the point that she stands at the foot of the cross as her son breathes his last. If we desire to be a disciple of Jesus, this is the path that we will have to walk as well. Mary is a woman who never shirked her responsibilities and thus was with Jesus until the end. In this, I pray that we will follow her example.

Mary as the Lady of Sorrows is a picture of faith in the midst of the turbulent situations of her life. It cannot have been easy for her to follow her son’s life of ministry and see that the establishment despised him. Nor would it have got any easier as He approached His final days. Throughout all of this Mary’s faith remained constant. She does not play a major role in the ministry of Jesus except to implore Him to work a miracle at the Wedding Feats of Cana when the wine runs out. She remains in the background; yet when she appears she is always portrayed as a woman of […]

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St Paul leaves us in no doubt as to the centrality of the cross of Jesus as a central symbol of the Christian faith. The Gospel today from John supports this point of view. John links the cross with the healing power of the bronze serpent in the Old Testament. Here we are given a sense of the power of the cross to save. Just as those who looked upon the bronze serpent were healed of the poisonous snakebite, so those who look upon the cross of Jesus and surrender to its work in their lives through faith, will be saved from their sins.

The cross of Jesus at first sight looks like a defeat for Jesus! However, when we see that Jesus has been raised from the dead by the Father, we realise that the cross is not a defeat but in fact the instrument of final victory over sin. Because the cross is the instrument of victory over sin it becomes the universal symbol of Christianity.

The cross is the Way of Salvation for all who believe. The cross is the only Path to Eternal Life for all people. The cross is at the heart of the Christian faith – […]

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One of my fondest memories is that of having Christmas lunch with the brothers in Australia. It was a tradition within our community that we open our home to those who were less fortunate and to share Christmas with us. It was a very joyful occasion and full with food, laughter and celebration. There were many characters that we would invite, those whom you would rather pass by in the street. But it was these simple and humble folk that made it all the more joyous feast that it was. At the end of our celebration they would be fighting over the food to bring home. So much for kindness and sharing and humility!
Jesus teaches us today how we are to act at table when we are invited to a party. To take the lowest place, to sit and eat with the less fortunate. He teaches us the way of hospitality – which a common theme flowing through the Gospel of Luke.
Jesus also teaches us about the grace of humility which seems to have vanished into thin air these days! St Francis of Assisi taught that humility is knowing who God is and knowing who I am. Humility is not […]

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WHO AM I? 1Cor. 1.26-31

One of the problems that I notice among many is the question of self-identity. Who am I? What am I doing? What is the meaning to my existence here upon this earth? These are all questions of self-identity. I see it among the young, most noticeably. Everyone is making themselves to be someone who they are not. You see it in gender expression. A young man will dress as a woman, feminine and womanly; a young girl finds it difficult to relate with other men, a middle-aged man wears clothing suitable to those half his age. A woman seeks to wear clothing to prove that she is not getting bigger. Everyone gets jealous of the other because they haven’t what the other has! No offence, but you get the point. I once heard a mother tell me that her daughter was wondering if it was good to have brown skin – because all she ever saw was (on TV, films, commercials, advertisements)  that white is better!
One of our answers to this problem of self-identity is to read and read again the scriptures that are full of truth. You will soon find out who you are! You are a beloved son/daughter […]

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ARE YOU READY. Mtt.25.1-13

I thought it was only the brides that were traditionally late at the wedding! However, in the gospel today, the groom delays his coming. Weddings in the Middle East, as they are anywhere in the world, are the cause of a great celebration, festive and wonderful celebrations of life –and so they should be! In ancient Palestine, as we hear Jesus telling us, the groom could take hours to arrive. Imagine! You are the sponsor at the wedding and two hours later, you are still waiting for the groom or bride to arrive. Would you wait?
In the gospel, Jesus narrates to us that there are 10 bridesmaids waiting to the coming of the groom. Some were wise; others were foolish- why would that be the case? Perhaps the more experienced were used to waiting around. In order for them to be safe, they had extra oil in their lamps – just in case. At midnight, the groom finally arrives. Imagine rising from your sleep and not having any oil. It is late and it seems impossible to buy the extra oil. This becomes a problem because those who have come prepared are the wiser. The others have to go elsewhere. […]

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WOE TO THE PHARISEE! Mtt. 23.13-20

I do not think I would have like to have been a Pharisee that day! Jesus is reprimanding and saying some very challenging words to the Pharisees. The Pharisees were a religious group in the time of Jesus, among many others. They were strict in rules and regulations and declared themselves faithful followers of the Law of Moses, the Torah (first five books of the bible). They were very religious people, devout and God fearing. Yet the problem is that they were legal in their living out these rules. Their interpretations were strict and very demanding to follow. Here we see Jesus challenge them for their seemingly outward piety yet legalistic hearts.
Matthew records seven woes given by Jesus to the Pharisees. They make it hard for people to enter the Kingdom of God because of the strict guidelines in adherence to the Law of Moses. They were very zealous in their evangelistic efforts, yet, horrendous to their converts. Jesus challenges their hypocrisy, envy, rigidity and formality.
Externalism and Legalism seem to be the name of the game when it came to the Pharisees. Their interpretation of the Law and its upkeep were legally interpreted by the letter rather than the spirit
I […]

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It is important when we reflect upon this story of Jesus’ encounter with Mary and Martha that we remember to place it in context. Jesus is not telling us that serving a visitor in one’s home is a bad thing to do. He is simply saying that there is a time to serve and a time to just sit and reflect upon life. We need to find the right balance between the two! I think we all know at least one person who tends to hide behind busyness in order to avoid having to relate to the people in his or her life. This is what Jesus is addressing. We must find time in our lives to serve those around us; we must also find the time to simply be with them and to enjoy one another’s company. This is the essence of human relationships.

We live in a world that rewards activism and industriousness to the point that we tend to forget about the need for silence. I was reading a book the other day and one of the points it was making is that, generally speaking, people today lack silence in their lives and thus are unable to reflect […]

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I love the concept of a smouldering wick! We have all experienced the struggle to keep a candle alive when it seems that it just does not want to burn. This is a great image of faith in a person struggling to believe for one reason or another. One of the challenges we face as Christians is to be on the lookout for those in our community who are struggling. Sometimes people simple lose their faith or slip out of the faith community unnoticed because we do not have a great enough sense of care for those in our midst who are fighting for their faith.

Perhaps we might argue that we too are struggling to maintain our faith in an ever more hostile world, but that is not a good enough answer! In fact, even more so should we be on the lookout for others suffering the same struggles as we are in order to help them or be inspired by their perseverance in their struggles.

In the Gospels Jesus seems to be drawn to the ‘little ones’ (anawim) and their concerns are never too small for him to take the time to address them. We need to imitate this concern […]

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