Gal 4: 22-24. 26-27. 31 –- 5: 1 We can all see the point that Paul is trying to make from the story of Abraham’s two sons, one by the slave, Hagar and the other by Sara his wife. The first is the solution of the world and speaks of reliance upon ourselves; the second is the solution of God and reliant upon grace. Paul’s objective is to contrast self-reliance with reliance upon God. This happens to a degree and we can see the message he wants to convey. Let us then trust in God and follow his path for our lives and not that of the world.

Jesus, you have changed human history through your death and resurrection. Help me to never forget this and thus work under your grace in my life.

Lk 11: 29-32 Where faith is at work there is a power that surpasses anything that the world can offer or produce. We are wise to learn that to enable the fullness of this power that we have to humble ourselves and surrender to the work of grace in our lives. Humility is usually a difficult virtue to embrace as we like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient. When it comes to salvation this is not the case. We need to accept the truth that salvation is a gift that we can never hope to achieve or earn in our own strength.

Jesus, you have offered me the gift of salvation. Help me to overcome my pride and accept it willingly and follow where it leads me in my life.