Acts 7: 51 — 8: 1a Stephen is not going to compromise. He will not allow the people to think that they are guiltless in their ignorance. If they are ignorant of the love of God and the Gospel it is because they choose to be ignorant! This is a sin in itself. I often talk to people who seem to want to avoid knowing too much about God lest their new found knowledge demands that they change the way they are living! This is a very unfortunate position to take as it runs the danger of missing out on the gift of salvation!

Holy Spirit, help me to surrender my mind and heart to the truth so that I never walk in the darkness of sin or ignorance again.

Jn 6: 30-35 Jesus is making the argument that he is the greatest of all the figures in history sent by God. For the Jews, Moses is the greatest of the ancient figures of their faith. Jesus is claiming that he is greater than Moses. This is one of the main themes of John’s Gospel, something that we should note as we read through it. All the figures and ideas and promises of the Old Testament will be fulfilled in the person of Jesus. This is what it means to call him Son of God, the Messiah.

Holy Spirit, show me the truth of the person of Jesus. Let me never be in doubt as to his being the Son of God and thus worthy of my praise and obedience.